Coupons - questions and answers

How to use your coupon.

If you received a coupon from Crazy-Heels, the following steps will guide you through the progress of using the amount:

  1. For using your coupon you need a guest account or customer account. If you have a customer account already just sign in with your email and your password. If you want to place an order as a guest only you have to leave your necessary information. After that it´s possible to use the coupon code after your done with the whole order transaction.

  2. In the checkout section right above your items is an empty input box for your coupon code. It´s also possible to use your coupon on the last page of your order transaction.

  3. After that just klick on the button "redeem".

  4. In case you have items in your basket already the coupon will be calculatet to your whole amount. 

If you have any problems:
Just in case you have any kinds of problems with using your coupon please do not hesitate and contact us via email: Please try to explain the problem in detail and give us necessary information like: Coupon code, error notification of the system and which browser you were trying to use.